The Boho Woman

She’s a flower child, mystic, glam rocker, sage
Une femme d’un certain age—the age of transformation
She doesn’t just decorate, she creates sacred space
She doesn’t just travel, she embraces adventure
She doesn’t just dress, she adorns herself
She loves fairy tales and goddess lore
She’s a maker, artist, writer
gypsy, earth-lover, and
timeless bohemian

About Boho Woman Magazine

I’m so happy you’re here! Boho Woman has been my cherished dream since 2014, when the manifesto above came to me after a fruitless internet search for stories and images that truly that spoke to me.

I envisioned a sanctum where women d’un certain âge (as the French so charmingly call females over 40) who adored eclectic art, fashion, decor, and literature could come for renewal and inspiration.

A cozy library where we could indulge our passion for fairy tales and goddess lore. A magic castle where makers, artists, writers, earth-lovers, gypsy-souls, and timeless bohemians could feel at home.

No pop-ups, no clickbait, no annoying ads, no body shame, and no celebrity gossip. Just alchemy, beauty, creativity, and a dash of enchantment. Is that asking too much? 

Apparently, it is. So I decided to take things into my own hands and create it myself!

Boho Woman celebrates the seasons, the wheel of the year, and the cycles of the moon. Issues come out in March, June, September, and December. Articles appear at the new and full moon.

Each issue highlights a relevant theme, starting with Winter 2017—Embracing Our Sovereignty. Here’s a glimpse of next year’s Themes:

  • Spring 2018—Telling the Bees: Secret Gardens, Encaustic Painting, Beekeeping and its Priestesses.
  • Summer 2018—Fortuna Favors the Bold: Advanced Style, Outrageous Heroines, and Late-Blooming Sexuality.
  • Autumn 2018—Rewilding Our Earth and Ourselves: Earth Houses, Primal Self-Care, and Forest Fairy Tales.
  • Winter 2018—The Weaver and the Web: Fiber Arts, Mandala Magic, and Spider Goddesses.

We explore these themes through the following Features

  • Anima—Breath. Spirit. Guidance. Ritual. Alchemy.
  • Abode—Home. Nest. Nourish. Garden. Sanctuary. 
  • Adornment—Style. Fabric. Texture. Crystal. Stone.
  • Artistry—Make. Create. Words. Music. Dance.
  • Adventure—Explore. Freedom. Nomad. Gypsy. Pilgrim. (Debuts Spring 2018.)

We also discover Ancient Modern Tales—Goddess Lore. Myth and Fairy Tale. Books and Literature.

Boho Woman will never mar your reverie with ads and ugliness. I promise, however, to curate tasteful offerings and support makers and artists who embody the Boho Woman aesthetic. More about this when the Colorful Bazaar opens in January 2018. I think you’ll love it!

And if you’re a maker or artist resonates with Boho Woman and would like to be featured here, please contact me: deb [at] 


Debra Eve
Founding Éditrice

Celebrate your gypsy soul and be the first to know when new stories appear.

In This Issue

Winter 2017


* Embracing Our Sovereignty (Now!)

Exploring the Gaian Tarot (Coming Soon)


Frida Kahlo: Fashion as the Art of Being (Coming Soon)

Oscar Wilde vs. the Corset (Coming Soon)



* Chateau de Gudanes: A Grand Lady Reigns Again (Now!)

Casa Bohemia and Beyond (Coming Soon)


* Evelyn de Morgan's Alchemical Visions of Aging (Now!)

Flamenco's Gypsy Queens (Coming Soon)

 Goddess Lore

When Money Was A Goddess (Coming Soon)

The Path to Brigid's Forge (Coming Soon)

Myth & Fairy Tale

Honoring the 25th Anniversary of Women Who Run with the Wolves (Coming Soon)

Celebrate your gypsy soul and be the first to know when new stories appear!

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