"We respect older dancers because they bring us the traditions."

—María Pagés

Flamenco. Frida Kahlo. Four-Fold Goddess. Running with the Wolves.

Embracing Our Sovereignty

Winter 2017

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breath. spirit. guidance. ritual. alchemy.

*Embracing Our Sovereignty*


What do we call this age we’ve reached through blood and toil, laughter and loving? We no longer identify as Maidens. We may still be Mothers in a different fashion. But we’re certainly not Crones! Why don’t we embrace a new stage at midlife and call it what we will—Queen, Priestess, Luminary, Sage, or something equally majestic?

Exploring the Gaian Tarot

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In her Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert—named one of the Wisdom Keepers of the Goddess Spirituality movement by SageWoman magazine—breathes new life into traditional Tarot archetypes. Her cards depict contemporary life as many of us have dreamed it—peaceful, sustainable, and multicultural, at one with the Earth, its elements, and its rhythms.


home. nest. nourish. garden. sanctuary.

*Chateau de Gudanes: A Grand Lady Reigns Again*

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She has been a 13th-century fortress, a 15th-century castle, an 18th-century château, and, after decades of neglect, an abandoned ruin upon a forgotten hilltop. But now, under the loving care of an Australian family following a wild dream, Château de Gudanes emerges from history. And you can travel to the south of France to help restore her timeless heart!

Casa Bohemia and Beyond:
Hacienda Style from Mexico to California

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Some of the most beautiful bohemian homes can be found in Mexico, where Moorish, Spanish, French, Italian, and indigenous influences blend in a vision of vibrant paint and earthy furniture. A decor-inspiring tour of Hacienda style in all its geographic variety, with a stop at Frida Kahlo’s beloved Blue House.



style. fabric. Texture. Crystal. stone.

Frida Kahlo: Fashion as THE ART OF BEING

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For Frida Kahlo, clothing was more than adornment. It helped her deal with pain and expressed her being as much as her art. After she died, her husband Diego locked her closet and stipulated it not be opened again until fifteen years after his death. The room remained sealed until 2004. Like a portal to another dimension, Frida’s closet gives us a powerful glimpse into her life and art.

Oscar Wilde vs. The Corset

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Oscar Wilde was known for his sense of style and witty quips. He honed many of those quotes on a triumphant speaking tour of the United States. His subject? The Decorative Arts Movement, with a special focus on Aesthetic Dress—fine, handmade garments that flowed from the shoulders and didn’t compress the waist. Did his ideas catch on?


make. create. words. music. dance.

*Evelyn de Morgan’s Alchemical Visions of Aging*


At age 18, Jane Morris’s beauty ignited a group of artists who called themselves the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. They made her the celebrated supermodel of her day. Decades later, Jane came out of retirement to sit for painter Evelyn De Morgan. In a trilogy of stunning tableaux, the two women explored the myth and mystery of aging gracefully—or not.

Flamenco’s Gypsy Queens

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In flamenco culture, older dancers are honored as performers and mentors. Flamenco artist Sara Baras, age 46, maintains that older dancers “can perform with a strength that you will not find in other dance genres.” In fact, some think that a woman can’t effectively dance flamenco until she reaches middle age. A love letter to these gypsy queens of flamenco.

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Goddess Lore

Reclaiming the Sanctity of Money

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On a dark night in 345 BC, the Gauls climbed Rome’s Capitoline Hill intent on sacking the city. They might have succeeded but for Juno’s sacred geese, who attacked in a honking horde. The Romans dedicated a new temple to Juno as Moneta (she who warns and protects) and struck their coins there. It’s time to honor the legacy of Juno Moneta and reclaim money’s divine roots.

The Goddess Behind Santa’s Reindeer

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She’s a goddess from the deepest substrate of Britain, from a time when snow covered the northern Europe. She ruled the ancient forests long before the farmers arrived. Her name is Elen of the Ways and she guided the migratory paths of reindeer, the only species in which females have antlers. It’s an ancient beginning to a very modern story.

The Road to Brigid’s Forge

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Before the Church christened her St. Brigid of Kildare, the Celts honored her as their goddess of sovereignty and patron of poetry, healing, and smithcraft. To celebrate her feast day on February 2, we examine the fire behind her forge, what it meant to the ancients, and how it can transform our modern lives.

Myth & Fairy Tale

Honoring the 25th Anniversary of Women Who Run with the Wolves

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In 1992, Ballantine published Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wise Woman Archetype by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, cantadora and Jungian analyst. Twenty-five years later, its transformational power hasn’t waned. In this article, six inspiring writers and teachers riff on Dr. CPE’s view that “The wild self [is] the one and only true sovereign in a woman’s life.”


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